A bus is the most popular and convenient public transportation in Ulsan. Traffic cards are highly recommended for your convenience. Main roads have monitors at bus stops showing when the next bus will come.

How to use a traffic card

  • UNIST ID cards can be used as traffic cards. The card can be charged at Kyongnam Bank or ATM located on campus
  • When using a city bus, put your card over the touchpad next to the driver. It will tell you how much money remains on your card.
  • Within an hour of getting off a bus, you can take another bus for free. (Put your card on the touchpad located at the exit when you leave the first bus)

Bus routes to UNIST campus

  • No. 133: UNIST→Beomseo Samgeori→Seonbawi Bridge→Guyeongri→Samho Bridge→Donggang Hospital→Seongnam-dong→Beonyeong Bridge→Lotte/Hyundai Department Store→Taehwagang Train Station→Asan Road→Nammok→Hyundai Heavy Industries→Ilsan Beach→Ggotbawi
  • No. 733: UNIST → Beomseo Samgeori→Seonbawi Bridge→Guyeongri→Baekcheon Bridge→Gulhwa →Ulsan Univ. →Munsu Stadium→Ulsan District Court→ Gong Eop Top(Industrial Tower) →Lotte/Hyundai Department→Agricultural /Marine products Market→ Taehwagang Train Station
  • No. 233: UNIST→Beomseo Samgeori→Seonbawi Bridge→Guyeongri→Samho Bridge→Donggang Hospital→Seongnam-dong→Jungang Traditional Market→E’mart Haksung Branch→Haksung Park→Byeongyeoung→Polytech Univ. →Buk-gu Office → Yeonam
  • No. 304: UNIST→Sayeon→Beomseo-eup Center→Cheonsang →Ulsan Commercial High School →Samho Basement Road→Good Samjung Hospital→Sinbok Rotary→Ulsan Univ. →Munsu Stadium→Yuli
  • No. 337: Samnam Sinhwa→Mega Mart→Jkcheonjeong→Eonyang Hospital→Ulsan Train Station (KTX)→Bancheon→ UNIST → Beomseo Samgeori→Guyeongri →Samho Basement Road→Samho Jugong Apt→Jeonggwang Temple →Taehwa Roundabout →Ulsan City Hall→Hyundai M&F Insurance Co. → Lotte/Hyundai Department→Agricultural /Marine products Market→ Taehwagang Train Station

The basic charge is KRW 3,300 (as of Mar, 2021) for the first 2 kilometers. A surplus charge is applied after midnight. If you can speak a few Korean words or show the driver your destination, the driver will take you to the right place. There is an electronic mini board on the dashboard showing the fare.

Taking the train is one of the options when you are travelling to Seoul. The nearest KTX train station is Ulsan KTX station, which is located in an Eon-yang area.  From UNIST to the Ulsan KTX station, it takes 15 minutes by taxi. You can check a KTX schedule and book a train at the Korail website (

Express and intercity bus terminals are next to the LOTTE Department Store in Samsan-dong (Nam-gu area). The Express Terminal is for most long-distance destinations, including Seoul, Daejeon, and Gwangju. The Intercity Bus Terminal has buses to Busan, Daegu, Incheon International Airport, and other cities.