Off Campus

Housing off-campus

If you are looking for accommodation outside of campus, please consider which type of lease first as you can find it interesting to know there’s a specific format of the lease in Korea.

Type of lease

  • Key money deposit(/jeonse/): paying a full deposit upfront for a lease contract for at least two years, which is refundable when the contract is finished. No payment of monthly rent.
  • Monthly rent(/wolse/): paying a contracted rent monthly with a refundable deposit. A contract is made for one or two years.

When you decide which type of lease and the location you’d like to live in, you should contact a real estate agent to introduce houses available.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are densely throughout the country. They mainly act as a mediator between the property owner and the renter/buyer. It would be better if you work with more than one agent in the same area as each will show you different places. Even if you go to the same place, the rental cost could be different.

List of Global Real Estate Acquisition

Ulsan Metropolitan Government designates and operates the global real estate agencies for the convenience of foreign residents related to the transaction on of real estate. (Click on link: ULSAN METROPOLITAN CITY > Life in Ulsan > Living in Ulsan > Global Real Estate Agency)