Student Visas

Visa Issuance

To study in Korea, you must apply for a relevant visa at an overseas Korean embassy or consulate. The application procedure may vary depending on the embassy or consulate in each country, so it is advised that you check with your local Korean embassy or consulate beforehand. The duration of the visa is determined by the Korean consular officer, and the expiration date on your visa may not match the ending date of your degree program. If your visa expires before you complete your program, you will need to apply for a visa extension at the local(Ulsan) Immigration Office.

※ Required documents may be added or changed depending on individual circumstances. For more information, contact the Korean immigration office: Tel. 02)1345
* Source of information: Hi Korea (Immigration Office Website) (

If you already have a visa, which doesn’t allow you to study, you should change your visa type to “D-2” before a semester starts. If you fail to change a visa type until a beginning date of a semester, you may be fined for a reason of unallowed activity(study).

Once you are accepted to a UNIST study program, the UNIST admission team will issue a package of visa documents and send it to you. The documents are valid for 3 months from the issue date and it’s prohibited to issue a certificate of admission after a semester starts.

Types of Student Visa

Undergraduate students (D-2-2)

Graduate students in MS program (D-2-3)

Graduate students in Ph.D or Combined program (D-2-4)

Visiting Research students (D-2-5) _ You can find details at “INBOUND PROGRAM” – “Visiting research student program”.

Exchange students (D-2-6) _ You can find details at “INBOUND PROGRAM” – “Exchange student program”.

Academic Status Change

If your academic status is changed from enrolled to taken leave of absence, expulsion, or graduation, the visa, and foreign registration are expired automatically by the immigration office. You receive 14 days to leave Korea from the date the change occurred. If you do not leave Korea within this period, you may be subject to fines or other punishments.

You are required to state when you will leave Korea with your flight ticket after you apply for a leave of absence. The UNIST CIA staff will check the flight schedule and approve your application to confirm you leave within a deadline. If you already left Korea at the moment you apply, it’s necessary to show your passport and prove your leaving of Korea.

Academic Return

If you would like to return to UNIST after a leave of absence, you must get a new student visa. Please contact the UNIST CIA and receive your visa documents to apply for a new visa. One of the visa documents, a certificate of admission, can be issued only before a semester begins. If you plan to return to campus, please make sure to inform the plan in advance.

Part-time Jobs

International students are required to receive prior permission from the immigration office before they engage in the unauthorized activities such as part-time job.

  • Students who have a GPA higher than grade C(2.0) in the previous semester
  • Students who have a language proficiency (English: TOEFL 530, IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 400)
  • Up to 25 hrs for undergraduate students and 35 hrs for graduate students per week during school terms
  • No working hour limits during holidays, weekends and vacation
  • In an hour-distance of working place from Ulsan
Permitted jobs
  • Legal labor fields
  • Note: Private one on one tutoring, jobs in the construction industry and jobs in the manufacturing industry are prohibited
Required Documents
  • Passport and Foreign Registration card
  • Application form
  • Part-time work of foreign student confirmation form
  • Transcript
  • English test certificate
  • Business license of the employing business
  • Employment contract

If you start working before receiving permission, you may be fined for violating immigration rules. It’s required to apply for new permission when changing workplace.

Long-distance Internship

Long-distance Industry Internship (“L-d internship”) will be only allowed in the following cases.

  • There should be credits left for graduation (if you have already completed your internship requirements, it’s not possible to apply for “L-d internship”)
  • To prove it, necessary to submit “Internship Credits Confirmation form”
  • Period is determined based on the credits left. (*1 credit: 4 and less than 6 weeks, 2 credits: 6 to less than 8 weeks, 3 credits: 8 to less than 10 weeks)
  • There should be place of residence near working site (necessary to notify of residence plan in advance)
  • During vacation only
Rules to follow while doing an L-d internship
  • Report any changes of residence or changes to internship contract.
  • Apply Permission for L-d Internship through the Center for International Affairs staff, NOT directly to Ulsan Immigration Office (individual applications will not accepted-Ulsan Immigration Office Request).
  • Submit “Industry Internship Pledge” to the Center for International Affairs with other required documents.
  • All permited L-d Internship must receive credit after finishing the working period.

For those who does not gain credit intentionally after getting permission for L-d Internship, it is not allow to apply for an additional L-d Internship

Note: to prepare and submit all required documents to the Center for International Affairs no later than 2 weeks prior to the semester’s last day. If the contract is proceeding, the deadline may be extended to each student.)