Overseas Programs

CIA provides students with study abroad programs to broaden and deepen their understanding of global dynamic surroundings as well as gain international experience. Studying abroad is a unique experience that cannot beIt provides first-hand knowledge of other cultures, hel ps students negotiate differences and aids them to understand global problems from a new perspective. These are key factors to integrate into globalization. CIA wants UNISTars to be competent and comfortable travelers that can readily adapt to new circumstances and interact with various people from all over the world. Participating in the programs offered are a step towards achieving this goal reproduced in Korea.

Credited Programs Non-Credited Programs
Credit Program
Course credit for semester Student Exchange Program UNIST Global Program(UGP)
List of universities can be added
Course credit for summer session Summer Session Global Volunteer Program
-World Friends ICT
-한수원·해오름 체코 봉사단
Internship credit Harvard SEAS Summer Exchange