Center Based Program

Center Based Program

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience(IAESTE) is an association of national committees representing academic, industrial and student interests. IAESTE serves students, employers, and academic institutions through career-focused professional internships abroad, social and intercultural reception programmes, international networking and other career and employer branding activities in more than 80 countries worldwide. (1948년에 설립되었으며, 80개 이상의 회원국을 보유한 비정부, 비영리, 독립적 국제조직으로서 해외에서 전공분야에 대한 양질의 유급실무경험을 쌓고자 하는 학생들의 교류를 위한 기구입니다.)



  • UNIST enrolled students whose major is decided and who begin study abroad in their 3rd to 7th semester is eligible to apply(파견학기 기준으로 3학기 이상 7학기 이하 재학생)

  • Students on academic leave is eligible to apply (휴학생 지원가능)

  • Students without any record of disciplinary actions or academic probation according to university regulation are eligible to apply (징계 및 학사경고를 받은 사실이 없는 학생 지원가능)


  • Minimum 3.1 cumulative GPA

  • Took 12 credit hours, and 2.7 GPA in the previous semester

Language Requirement

  • Minimum language requirement can be subject to change under Partner university’s circumstances

  • If there were no language requirement, TOEFL iBT 80 or other equivalent English test score should be fulfilled.

  • English requirement can be different according to each institution

  • Test should be administered within 2 years of the starting date is considered valid

Application process

  • 1. Applicant: Applicants submit required documents to the affiliated school office

  • 2. School Office: Select final candidates and recommend them to CIA

  • 3. CIA: Oral Interview from International Affairs Committee and final decision of successful candidates

*Schedule can be subject to change


* Selection process can be subject to change


Required Documents

  • 1 copy of application(template provided)

  • 1 copy of transcript(English)

  • 1 copy of official English test score(no older than 2 years)

  • 1 copy of certificate of enrollment(English)

  • 1 copy of recommendation letter from advising professor (지도교수추천서 필수제출)

Individual Overseas Research & Internship

Students who are eligible for Overseas Training Scholarship can search and apply for research programs or internship programs that are provided by institutes, corporations, and universities at overseas. Once the student applies and gets accepted to the program of choice, the Center for International Affairs will be able to support the life abroad for the duration of program with the Overseas Training Scholarship.



  • UNIST students who are enrolled to a semester on the date of application (재학생)
  • Students who are in their 3rd~8th semester (3~8학기 재학)

  • Students eligible for Overseas Training Scholarships (해외연수장학금 대상 학생)

Application Process

  • 1. Reach out to Center for International Affairs and confirm Overseas Training Scholarship attainment

  • 2. Individually apply to research or internship program provided by institutes, corps, universities at overseas

  • 3. Once accepted to the program of choice, submit the necessary documents to Center for Int’l Affairs
    ** The documents that need to be submitted & the submission due date will be announced via U-Space bulletin board in the beginning of each semester (post dates may vary)

  • 4. After completing the submission on step 3, wait for the final approval of scholarship by the Center for International Affairs. When the final steps are communicated with the CIA staff, the scholarship will be sent to each student’s bank account

  • 5. Participate in the program and submit a report to Center for Int’l Affairs within 2 weeks after the last day of the program