Visiting Research Student Program

UNIST Visiting Student Researcher(VSR) Program

The Visiting Student Researcher_(VSR) Program is for those who are from outside of South Korea and who wish to conduct research in one of UNIST’s laboratories.

Application Period

45 days prior to the desired start date of research


A.Contact the laboratory where you wish to work and obtain permission from the professor who is in charge of the lab.

B. Students who are accepted for the VSR Program must obtain a D-2-5 visa. Successful applicants should contact their nearest Diplomatic Mission with respect to visa requirements.

*Required Documents for visa
7.Degree certificate(the latest degree)
8.UNIST business registration
9.Financial statement(Bank balance, Bank balance statement with previous 6 months, or Research stipend proof)
10.Research Student confirmation.

C. The affiliated department is required to submit the application forms to CIA to start administrative procedures for successful applicants.

CIA will contact the successful applicant for VISA

You should ask for your own documents except UNIST Business Registration andResearch Student Confirmation Form among required documents in the following list above

*Health check-up (to be filled out by a physician): It is mandatory to submit the 『Certificate of Health Check-up Form』 before entering UNIST to check the status of health and to protect UNIST members from contagious diseases.

Allocation of dormitories(only for students who apply for the dorm)

– Most of applicants will be assigned to a dormitory room. However, it is possible that the dormitory may not be available due to limited capacity.

– Dormitory rooms cannot be assigned to those who have contagious diseases

Health Insurance for International Students

All international student including a visiting and an exchange student staying in Korea are subject to a mandatory subscription to Korea National Health Insurance(NHI) from March 1, 2021.


As the subscription is mandatory to all students who hold the D-2 visas, NHI is subscribed automatically by the Korean government from the date of foreign registration completed. It may take up to 1 month to finish the foreign registration, it’s advisable to have travel insurance or Korean private insurance to cover your medical costs until you join NHI.


The contributions(cost) is temporarily discounted by 70% of its average contribution(131,790KRW) to lessen the student’s burden for one year(Mar. 2021~Feb. 2022). *60% for 2022, 50% for 2023 and onwards

  • Discount is applied if both income and property requirements are met as follows: a) annual income is equal or less than 3.6 million won and b) the property value based on property tax table is equal or less than 135 million won
  • The contributions should be paid prior to a month coming. The payment deadline for the coming month is every 25th of the previous month.
  • Automatic Transfer(recommended): With your bank account or a credit card, you can transfer the contribution automatically.
    • How to apply: Call a line for foreigners (033-811-2000), *English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Uzbek available
  • Transfer: To a bank account written on the paper bill, you can transfer the contribution by yourself.
    • Electronic Billing(recommended): a paper bill is delivered to the address you reported to the immigration. For example, if your current address is “UNIST dormitory”, your bill would be delivered to the UNIST post office(basement in the main bldg.). When you apply for electronic billing(email), 200 won is discounted every month from the monthly contribution.
Exemption from Subscription
  • Condition: a) if you subscribed to your home country’s insurance before you complete foreign registration in Korea, and b) the insurance covers wider than NHI (=no limit of number and amount for coverage)
    • How to: Apply for the exemption by Fax or visit the NHI branch with your insurance paper(should be in Korean, no need to notarized nor apostille) and application form.

If you have any inquiries or do an application, please contact the NHI call center. 033-811-2000(a line for foreigners)

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