Exchange Student Program

󰊱 Reference Materials

  • [UNIST 2023 Fall] FACT SHEET

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  • The UNIST Inbound Exchange Program is for undergraduate/graduate students from partner institutions, providing the students with the opportunity to study and immerse themselves in the Korean culture and actively participate in the campus life of UNIST

󰊳 Program Definition

  • International exchange students will be able to take courses at UNIST and transfer credits to their home universities with the transcripts provided.
  • 100% of courses at UNIST are provided in English.

󰊴 Application(Application Period & How to Apply)

  • Application Period for Fall: ~ April 1
  • Application Period for Spring: ~ October 1

※ The deadline can be extendable and adjustable if needed

  • The complete application form must be signed by an exchange coordinator of the applicants’ home university and sent to the inbound coordinator of UNIST via email.
  • Eligibility
  • Students nominated by the international office (program coordinator) of UNIST’s partner institution
  • Required Supporting Documents

1.Application Form

2.List of courses you would like to take at UNIST

3.Curriculum Vitae

4.Certificate of Studentship(enrollment)

5.Official Transcript

6.Copy of Passport

7.Certificate of Bank Balance

*Balance should be around USD3000 or more.

8.2 Recommendation Letters from Professors

(A recommendation letter should include information on your capability of communication

in English)

  • Academic Information

*For the course catalog, please visit the following website. –> Campus life –> Academics –> Academic Curriculum

*For UNIST 2023 1st semester course list, please visit the following website. –> Campus life –> Academics –> Browse Open Courses

  • List of College Majors 

·Mechanical Engineering

·Urban and Environmental Engineering

·Materials Science and Engineering

·Energy and Chemical Engineering

·Nuclear Engineering


·Industrial Engineering

·Biomedical Engineering

·Biological Sciences

·Electrical Engineering

·Computer Science and Engineering


·Mathematical Sciences


·Business Administration

  • Academic Calendar


Fall semester

Spring semester

Overseas University

(Semester based)

Fall semester

(Semester 1)

Spring semester

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  • Contact (Center for International Affairs)

– Email:

Obtaining a Student Visa

As an international student, you need to obtain a D-2 visa (or D-4) to study in Korea. In order to apply for the visa, you should contact the Korean Embassy or a Consulate at your country of origin. Please refer to the following website regarding visa application procedures: The location of the embassy and consulate of the Republic of Korea in your country should appear on the website. You need to take the following documents with you when applying for the student visa:

  • Passport (valid throughout the duration of your stay)
  • Application form
  • Application fee: USD 60 for single entry; USD 90 for multiple entry
  • Certificate of admission
  • Letter of invitation
  • Certificate of the latest scholastic achievement
  • Certificate of bank balance (over USD10,000) or certificate of scholarship

Before you visit the Korean Consulate or Embassy, contact them to confirm the required documents as they may differ by regions.

Transportation Guide to UNIST

From Incheon International Airport

Option Total cost Time
Bullet Train (strongly recommended) Approx. krw 62,500 Approx. 3h 30min
Limousine (Intercity) Bus Approx. krw 59,500 Approx. 5h 30min

From Gimhae(Busan) International Airport

Option Total cost Time
Limousine (Intercity) Bus Approx. krw 16,800 Approx. 1h 20min

Checklist for Newcomers

  • Passport (valid throughout the duration of your stay)
  • Student visa (D-2 or D-4)
  • Academic transcript (written in English and with apostille)
  • Certificate of graduation (written in English and with apostille)
  • Three portrait photos (3.5×4.5cm, background: white)
  • Korean currency (USD and other foreign currency are not used in Korea)
  • Blanket and pillow (not provided by the dormitory)
  • Certificate of insurance (optional, if your health insurance cover accidents in Korea)

Health Insurance for International Students

All international student including a visiting and an exchange student staying in Korea are subject to a mandatory subscription to Korea National Health Insurance(NHI) from March 1, 2021.


As the subscription is mandatory to all students who hold the D-2 visas, NHI is subscribed automatically by the Korean government from the date of foreign registration completed. It may take up to 1 month to finish the foreign registration, it’s advisable to have travel insurance or Korean private insurance to cover your medical costs until you join NHI.


The contributions(cost) is temporarily discounted by 70% of its average contribution(131,790KRW) to lessen the student’s burden for one year(Mar. 2021~Feb. 2022). *60% for 2022, 50% for 2023 and onwards

  • Discount is applied if both income and property requirements are met as follows: a) annual income is equal or less than 3.6 million won and b) the property value based on property tax table is equal or less than 135 million won
  • The contributions should be paid prior to a month coming. The payment deadline for the coming month is every 25th of the previous month.
  • Automatic Transfer(recommended): With your bank account or a credit card, you can transfer the contribution automatically.
    • How to apply: Call a line for foreigners (033-811-2000), *English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Uzbek available
  • Transfer: To a bank account written on the paper bill, you can transfer the contribution by yourself.
    • Electronic Billing(recommended): a paper bill is delivered to the address you reported to the immigration. For example, if your current address is “UNIST dormitory”, your bill would be delivered to the UNIST post office(basement in the main bldg.). When you apply for electronic billing(email), 200 won is discounted every month from the monthly contribution.
Exemption from Subscription
  • Condition: a) if you subscribed to your home country’s insurance before you complete foreign registration in Korea, and b) the insurance covers wider than NHI (=no limit of number and amount for coverage)
    • How to: Apply for the exemption by Fax or visit the NHI branch with your insurance paper(should be in Korean, no need to notarized nor apostille) and application form.

If you have any inquiries or do an application, please contact the NHI call center. 033-811-2000(a line for foreigners)

Who can apply?

Students from partner universities with student exchange agreement can apply for exchange students and he or she should meet the exchange eligibility requirement for the program. The exchange is reciprocal, meaning that students from both institutions pay their usual tuition fees to their home institutions prior to going abroad and studying at the host institutions. Usually students are responsible for their room and board fees.

How to apply?

At UNIST, UNIST Center for International Affairs serves as the primary coordinating unit, and all questions about the application process for exchange students should be directed to our office. Before contacting us, we recommend that you first consult with the exchange coordinator at your home university. The following documents make up the application for applying to the exchange program at UNIST. You should submit these materials to the designated exchange coordinator at your home institution.

Required Documents
(All documents Should be written in English)

1.Application Form
2.List of courses you would like to take at UNIST
3.Curriculum Vitae
4.Certificate of Studentship(enrollment)
5.Official Transcript
6.Copy of Passport
7.Certificate of Bank Balance
*Balance should be around USD2500 or more.
8.Two recommendation letters from professors
(It is mandatory to guarantee student’s English proficiency to take lectures)

Your university’s exchange coordinator must first review the materials,and send them to UNIST when the final candidates are selected. Once we receive your application, your final admission to UNIST will be determined by eitherthe undergraduate or graduate school office. We encourage you to meet with the exchange coordinator at your home institution in order to learn more aboutthe specific details of the program.
All application materials and supporting documentation must be submitted by the deadline or your application will not be considered.If you are unable to contact the exchange coordinator at your home institution, please contact the CIA office at

Application Period
– The application deadline is during November for applying Spring semester
– The application deadline is during May for applying Fall semester

Semester Information
– UNIST Academic Calendar

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