(~March 21st) WEST Internship Recruitment

The NIIED (National Institute for International Education) is looking for students who wish to participate in WEST (Work, English Study, Travel) Program.
(*This internship is for students with Korean citizenship only.)
The program consists of English study & Internship/Travel. For those who would like to apply MUST hand in all the necessary documents to Center for Int’l Affairs (Building 104 #E201-3) by March 21st 12 pm to be officially nominated as an applicant.
For more information regarding the details, please reach out to NIIED:

  • Worldjob Plus Website: www.worldjob.or.kr → 해외인턴 Q&A menu
  • email: koreawest@korea.kr
  • phone: 02-3668-1461-4, 1466-7