(2022-Fall Semester) WEST Internship Recruitment & Online Briefing Session Information

** Please keep in mind that all materials for this post is only available in Korean.

The NIIED (National Institute for International Education) is looking for students who wish to participate in WEST (Work, English Study, Travel) Program – Fall Semester.
The program consists of English study & Internship/Travel. Briefing Session for WEST can be found via link (https://youtu.be/9GZht-YyXf0).
For more information please reach out to NIIED or find the post on U-Space:

  • UNIST Portal – U-Space – Bulletin Board – Academic – Recruitment/General – Post under title: [2022하반기] WEST 프로그램 모집 & 대학교 서류 제출 기한 (08.08.오전 11:00)
  • Worldjob Plus Website: www.worldjob.or.kr → 해외인턴 Q&A menu
  • email: koreawest@korea.kr
  • phone: 02-3668-1461-4, 1466-7, 1448