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2013 Student Acadeic Activities Program Application

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The application for the 2013 Student Academic Activities Program is now open!


A. Objective: 

   - Promote the attendance of UNISTars to international conferences, symposia and other activities related to their field of study and major.

   - Gain a global perspective of one's major and awareness of global research.  


B. Eligibility: 1~6 undergraduates (Sophomore or above) + 1 mentoring faculty


C. Schedule: Must attend international activity (conference, symposium, etc) which is related to one's major


D. Dates : up to a max of 7 days per break/term  

               - no restrictions on the program dates when participating in the Summer break

               - only during the Summer break shall a 30-day travel grace period be allowed


E. Region: no restrictions

(Please refer to the attached files for further details)


F. Application submission: submit to school no later than 4 weeks prior to departure date


G. Forms: Application form, self-introduction, budget and schedule details, parental consent.


For any questions or inquiries, contact UNIST International Center, Min Ji Kim (4123 / kmj4758@unist.ac.kr)


※ Students sholud pay expenses unless a student is the scholarship recipient.

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