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Notice of 2015 Summer Lab Tour

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2015 Summer Lab Tour

Are you looking forward to having a chance for a get-away from your MONOTNOUS LIFE?

Here is a suitable program called Lab tour for you.

You can visit prestigious labs and institutes both in domestic and in overseas while traveling around.

It will definitely provide you with both academic experience and fantastic memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

If you are interested , Please join us !!



 A. Purpose

 - A UNIST-unique program, where students earn a change to travel abroad and visit laboratories, academic institutions, companies and facilities in other countries.

 B. Financial Support

 - Through the presentation competition, 1 team can get KRW 3,000,000 financial support as 1st prize.

C. Eligibility

 - Teams: 3~6 undergraduate (sophomore and above) students.

 - Dates: 10 ~ 15 days (not including departure and arrival dates) with in summer vacation.

 - Schedule: must visit more than 5 institutes/labs/companies related one's major.

   ※ Proof of having set up a meeting with the above to be submitted(exchange emails) with the application.

 - Regiond: No restrictions

D. Application Process.

  - Application submission: April.6(Mon)-April 17 (Fri), 6:00pm UNIST International Center(Library 1st floor)

  - Presentation Evaluation: May.8 (Fri)

  - Notification of Successful Teams: May .11 (Mon)

  - Post Lab Tour Presentation(after finish the lab tour):  Sept .2015

Please see attached for more detail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shin Hye Choo at choo@unist.ac.kr or ext.4130.

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