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2019 Fall Semester Patrol Volunteering Program wirh Ulju Police Statio…

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[2019 Fall Semester Patrol Volunteering Program with Ulju Police Station]


With the cooperation of Ulju Police Station, the Center of International Affairs arranged the patrol volunteering program for 2019 Fall Semester.

A. Date & Location:

 - November 13th(Wed) 19:00~22:00: Eunyang Police Station

 - November 28th(Thur) 19:00~22:00: Beumseo Police Station(Guyoungri)

B. Selection: First-come-First Serve

 - There are no limitation on the number of participants.(Around 40 students are expected)

 - Both Korean and International Students are available to apply

 - You will have to come by yourself to both police station(Location will be sent by email later)

C. Benefit: Voluntary Hours(Max 3 hours per 1 participation)

D. How to Apply

 - Fill out  the Google Sheet(Due date: November 8th 18:00)


 - Submit the attached forms to yjchung@unist.ac.kr (Due date: November 11th)

If you have any questions, please contact Youn Jo CHUNG(yjchung@unist.ac.kr) at the Center of International Affairs.


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