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2019 Patrol Volunteer Program Application at Eonyang Eupseong town

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작성자 최고관리자 (172.♡.0.109) 작성일19-10-01 10:38 조회1,063회 댓글0건


[2019 Patrol Volunteer Program Application at Eonyang Eupseong town]

If anyone who wants to join the patrol volunteer program, please refer to the following information.

1. When: October 5th(Sat) 15:00~17:00
2. Where: Ulju Eonyang Eupseong town
3. Volunteer hours: 2 hours
4. Contents: 15:00~16:00 Safety education
                  16:00~17:00 Patrol with police officer
5. How to apply: go to google link and fill out your information
6. Deadline: 2019.10.2.(wed) 24:00
7. More detail: Mr. Youn Jo Chung at CIA (yjchung@unist.ac.kr)

* If you cancel without any coment, then you will have penalty for another voluntary program.


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