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Recuitment Notice for 2020 HKUST Summer Session Program

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Do you want to study in highly recommended universities in abroad during this summer vacation?
You can earn transferable academic credits by taking courses and experience cultural activities in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

□ Visiting University: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
□  Program Dates: Jun.22 ~ Aug.16, 2020
□ Program Fees: HK$8,500
□ Credits: 3 credits(Min) to 6 credits(Max)
 * Tentative course detail:
□ Application Period: Jan.13(Mon) ~ Jan.27(Mon), 2020
□ How to apply: Submit all required documents to Ms. Haeni Kim (hnhn@unist.ac.kr)

Please find more details at attachment.
1. Program notice for 2020 HKUST
2. Application Form
3. Collection, Use, Provision of Personal Information Agreement


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